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Wine Tasting Events

We don't just pour the wine, we'll explore the wine from grapes to glass. We bring the tasting experience to you! We can work with wines you already have, or we can select them on your behalf. We can help with food pairings as well as come up with a fun theme for your tasting. Your dining room, kitchen island, or outdoor patio...you provide the table top, invite your friends and we'll do the rest!

How are we different from other in-home wine tasting companies? Our tastings are CUSTOMIZED to fit your needs. We will work with you to come up with a wine tasting theme, help you select wines within your budget and taste preferences and tailor the entire experience to what you envision it to be. We are not about pressuring you to book the next party or forcing you to buy certain wines. It’s a collaboration WITH our clients in order to show your guests the perfect tasting experience!

Tasting Ideas

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At Vino Cru, we prepare the best wine tasting events throughout Lake and Porter County Indiana. We are trusted by many clients for the quality and the details that go into making your event unique. Get in touch with us by text, phone or email.